Clearinghouse Final Rule Published - December 5th, 2016
The Clearinghouse final rule  implemented the Congressional mandate to establish a drug and alcohol clearinghouse and identified the roles and responsibilities of those who will be required to use the Clearinghouse.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
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How will authorized users access the Clearinghouse?
Authorized users must register and create an account to access the Clearinghouse.

When will authorized users be able to register?
Authorized users may register now.

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  • FMCSA has created a new centralized location for information about the Clearinghouse, including:
  • Downloadable resources
  • News and Events
  • Links to additional resources from USDOT

Take a look and be prepared for January 6, 2020, when the Clearinghouse becomes fully operational and mandatory reporting begins.

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What Districts (as employers) Need to Know:
Effective January 6, 2020 employers or their Consortium Third Party Administrators (C/TPA) will be required to conduct queries to ensure that current and prospective employees have no unresolved DOT drug / alcohol program violations

  • Prospective Employees: Require a “Full” query
  • Current Employees: Require an annual (once per calendar year) “Limited” query
  • “Limited Query” will return a simple “NO there isn’t any unresolved issues or positive test results”; or a “YES there is unresolved issues or positive test results”
  • A YES will require the employer to complete a full query to get details

Employers have to register in the FMCSA clearinghouse to conduct queries
Queries conducted will cost $1.25 each, and payment will be handled through the clearinghouse
Prospective employees will have to register in the clearinghouse to give their consent for the employer to conduct a full query
Current employees can sign a written consent form (example attached), which the employer should keep on file
If a current employee has information returned from a limited query, the employee will have to register in the clearinghouse to provide consent to obtain a full query
Beginning January 6, 2023, employers will no longer be required to send the paper drug/alcohol questionnaire to previous CDL employers, the clearinghouse queries will take the place of that process

Clearinghouse Website Link: https://clearinghouse.fmcsa.dot.gov/

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