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January 2019

Greetings Colleagues!

I hope that this message finds you well. It’s hard to believe the holidays are behind us and Spring Break is right around the corner! Our 70 Degree days, like today, are the very reason we all love this great state!

I writing this to let you know that we are pleased to announce Early Registration is now open for the 2019 TAA Summer Conference, in Flagstaff, Arizona. Your Executive Board met on January 22nd to continue planning this year’s conference. I want to let you know that we greatly appreciate all of the feedback that was provided via our post-conference survey. It will aide us in our upcoming planning and set us up for a spectacular summer conference. This year’s theme is “Superheroes don’t wear capes, They drive a School Bus!” As you can guess, everything will be superhero themed including a superhero dress-up contest on Wednesday Night!

Early Bird Registration will be open until March 30th, 2019. The agenda will be posted soon, however there is a Conference Flyer to provide with your PO request. This year you will notice a few differences as you register.

Lodging - During Early Registration, lodging information and the weblink to book a room will be provided to you in your confirmation email, once you have submitted your registration form. It is our hope that those that register during this time frame will have an opportunity to secure a room at Little America, if that is where you wish to stay. As of April 1st, we will post the lodging weblink on the TAA Website for the remaining folks to register. Please note that during this time, only web reservations will be accepted. You will NOT be able to call into Little America to reserve a room while Early Registration is in effect.

Pinewood Derby – This year, Monday night’s entertainment will be a School Bus Pinewood Derby. During Early Registration, registrants will be asked if they would like to participate as a school district team to build a school bus pinewood derby car. Build Kits will be provided by TAA and we encourage you and your department to get creative and have fun with this. It should be a really good time! The link to the derby sign-up will be at the very end when you submit your registration form.

Vendors - We hope that you all will spread the word and encourage vendors you work with on a regular basis to get involved with TAA if they aren't already. New for vendors this year, is our online registration form that can be found on the Vendor's page.

Payments and PO’s – I want to stress this, as it is very important. We cannot do what we are able to do as an organization without you, our members. Since we are a non-profit organization our operational budget does not allow us to carry large amounts of money from year to year. We try to offer as many discounts and cost savings opportunities as we possibly can without sacrificing our quality of content and entertainment. My ask of you is this, please work closely with your Purchasing and/or Business Departments to ensure prompt payments are made and there are no hiccups when you show up to check-in.

I hope that each and every one of you continue to look forward to coming to conference and being a part of TAA every year. The Executive Board is dedicated to ensuring that our content continues to stay relevant, brings in speakers that will engage and inspire our membership, so that you can continue to lead your teams year after year. Please continue to reach out to us with breakout ideas or topics you would like to see. You can email us at Be sure to keep an eye out on our Facebook page and Twitter account for other announcements as they become available.

Take care and as always, drive safe!

Jason Nelson, President

President's Message