Transportation Administrators of Arizona

July 7th, 2020

Happy 1st week of July! WHAT A YEAR SO FAR! It’s fairly safe to say no one needs a recap of 2020, unless you have been living under a rock or on another planet. We hope that everyone is getting a little breather and getting in some vacation before the school year begins! You may have noticed a different email address for this newsletter. We are going to experiment a bit with a different platform and see what Google can provide us as far as a better outreach tool is concerned.

We had an extremely successful virtual conference last week. Nearly 250 transportation professionals tuned in at some point during the 2-day conference. The TAA board would like to thank all of the presenters that took the time to present to the group on a variety of topics, as well as our vendors that put on a great vendor show. If you missed any of it, most of the videos have been uploaded to your new YouTube channel! A new button has been added on our website to take you right to the channel, where you can see all of the videos that we have posted to date. Also, for those that attended, we want to hear from you as we begin to plan out the year and start to plan for (hopefully) the 2021 Summer Conference. Please take a moment to fill out the post-conference survey here.

TAA is continuing to monitor the impacts that COVID-19 is having on student transportation and schools reopening. We have created a resources page that can also be found now on our website. Several transportation leaders from around the state have been meeting on Fridays during the month of June and recording their meetings. These meetings have had lengthy discussions on social distancing, school bus sanitization, staffing and in-service impacts. There is a district response survey on the page and we encourage any of you that haven’t filled this out to do so, so all of us can use the results as a tool to guide how we return back to school.

We have also added an online forum board as a tool to capture information in one place versus various email threads going back and forth. Those that have experience with online forums can attest to the usefulness of something like this. You will need to register and create an account, but there is a section for just about everyone. We encourage you to find the “TAA Forum Boards” button on the home page and take a look. It is light on conversations now, but any questions you have, we encourage you to post them here and very quickly others will begin to respond with the knowledge they have. It’s going to be pretty awesome to watch! Please keep in mind this is a professional tool and should be used as such.

Lastly, as a reminder as we prepare and get closer to school starting, remember your STAR breathing and that we all need to remain in our EXECUTIVE state of mind so that we can lead our teams. This year will be the most challenging that most of us will face and the upside is that we are all in this together!

For the time being, rest-up, stay-safe and be well!

TL;DR - TAA had a great virtual conference, TAA has a YouTube Channel and TAA has a Forum Board



Mike Ajeman, President
Shannon Weber, President-Elect
Jason Nelson, Past-President



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