Transportation Administrators of Arizona

May 12, 2021

Transportation Administrators of Arizona,

We are now well into what is sometimes known as “The 90 Days of May”.  Have you noticed that for some reason in our expertise, the home stretch is the longest stretch!  This coupled with increasing temperatures, and the remnants of navigating through a pandemic have made this May especially unique!  Pace yourselves friends – you are very close to a well-deserved hiatus!

As you finish your 2020-2021 school year we hope you are healthy and have taken the opportunity to reflect on the victories that have come from this different school year. Many of us have had the opportunity to take a good look at many things.  We have improved sanitation practices, we have been creative in our work assignments to serve students and community, we have been efficient and diligent in route planning based on a moving target of in person learners, and we have continued to put safety at the front of decisions across Arizona related to student transportation.  We have come together to get information, suggestions, and feedback with a goal to reduce duplicate efforts working smarter not harder.  We have offered support and assistance to neighbors and colleagues whenever possible.  We continue to look ahead to the next phases of planning for the start of the new school year with specific processes in mind, staffing shortages, and the pressure of a shorter summer and smaller work force.  We will find a way to close gaps and go forward with purpose and positivity.  It is what we are known for. 

That said I hope you will have the opportunity to refresh, rejuvenate, and reconnect with your peers across Arizona at the 40th Annual TAA Summer Conference this year.  We are very excited to be back together in person or virtually to ensure everyone who wants to join us can.  It will be quite the concert of learning, reminiscing, some new hits, and some old favorites at the “Rockstars of Transportation: The Reunion Tour!” You won’t want to miss it! The conference agendas is now posted on our website for reference along with being attached in the May Newsletter Email. We also want to announce The-Trust is offering an additional Monday afternoon session on Emergency Management for Student Transportation. You will need to click the link on the agenda below the presentation title to register for this class. It is free, but you must register.

Also as a reminder, if you have not checked out the TAA Youtube Channel, we have had some great conversations with the TAA Leaders Forum meeting each month. Give the videos a like and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button!

If you have questions regarding registration as a member, guest, or vendor please visit the website at for contacts and information. The conference begins on Monday June 21, 2021.  Register today!

Until we meet again keep your focus on students, safety, and your team.  Smile at the craze, and don’t sweat the small stuff- while the world around us was just a little crazy, big yellow school buses continued to do what they do best with you at the reigns of the success.


Mike Ajeman, Shannon Weber, Jason Nelson

TAA Presidency



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