‚ÄčTransportation Administrators of Arizona

March 16, 2021

TAA Membership,

Spring has sprung!  Whether you are at the start of your spring break, finishing your break, or planning to welcome students back to the bus for the first time in several months, exciting things are happening in student transportation across Arizona.

Your TAA Board remains committed to you in your daily efforts to provide safe and effective student transportation.  We have been in the background working on engaging, and relevant content in order to support your BEST work!  In early January many of your participated in a survey related to our annual conference.  The survey captured feedback regarding in person attendance, virtual attendance, Districts funding restrictions for travel, and an overall pulse of how safe you feel with the options.  The results of the survey have guided us to move forward in planning for a dual platform conference to include our in-person conference as well as a virtual option.  It will be important for each of you to make a conference participation selection as quickly as possible for our planning efforts!  Registration is now live on our website at www.taa-online.org

As we receive confirmation of preferences and can confirm attendance for each option we will be able to present to you a complete agenda and detailed course content.  While things may look different in our effort to support both platforms, we are ready for the adventure!  We ask that you join us as we continue to make history. 

When welcoming students back to your yellow school bus remember how long it has been!  Everyone will need practice, and patience in order to become experts once again.  Being back on the road is a reassuring sign to our communities that things are progressing forward in a positive way.   Remember that you are in charge of your first impression, own it with pride.  Keep safety, sanitation, and most importantly students in mind with each decision and be proud of your expertise.

Although seemingly like the start of school once again, we are all striving for a strong finish to what has turned out to be a very long year!  Best of luck to each of you.


Happy Spring,


Mike Ajeman, Jason Nelson, Shannon Weber 



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