Transportation Administrators of Arizona

September 15, 2020

Student Transportation Colleagues,

As we put the finishing touches on October we hope everyone is pacing themselves, staying healthy, and finding the positives in all that we are adapting to!  Most Arizona Districts are back to in person learning in some model, and that means we are moving our yellow school buses with pride! 

This week October 19, 2020 - October 23, 2020 is National School Bus Safety Week, the theme for this year is “ Red Lights Mean Stop”.  A timely reminder for all motorists, bus drivers, and students as we have been away from the bus for several months, and our roadway’s have been without buses also.  Take the time to share the message with staff, students, and community!  A little reminder is always a great way to bring things to the top of our thoughts and awareness.

As you continue to navigate through COVID 19, as well as all of our normal student transportation guidelines and requirements remember to visit the TAA website for tools, resources, and information on the COVID-19 Page. The TAA board is always available for questions and conversation also, our contact information is on the website and we welcome your inquiries.  Another place for collaboration and information is the TAA leadership forum boards.  Check it out the forums here! Last, if you would like to review any of the online zoom leadership meetings that have taken place collectively over the past months you may do so at our YouTube Channel. Be sure to Like & Subscribe! While we can’t wait for the opportunity for an in-person conference and the fun, growth, and leadership that in person collaborating inspires, we hope you will find value in these tools for your continued efforts!

I know the transformational change needed to work through all that is our new normal is underway in each of your organizations in different ways.  I hope that you have found a solid foundation in which to build your year with this platform.  We are getting creative with rewards, recognitions, celebrations, and training as we continue to place social distance and safety at the top of our planning checklists.  We are committed to leaving no gaps related to training and safety.  We are dedicated, and WE ARE DOING IT!

Rest when you can, celebrate when you are victorious, and stay the course when creativity is required.  Believe it or not, we will look back and marvel at our success.  Our students are happy to be back on the bus, and that makes all of us who love this work even happier. 

The TAA Board will begin planning for what we hope is our 2021 in person conference with our first meeting next month.  We will communicate details to our membership as they are finalized.

Continue to use your resources and colleagues, I stand firm that we ARE stronger together, and we are doing together from a distance with great success.

Happy Fall,

Mike Ajeman, President

Jason Nelson, Past President

Shannon Weber, President Elect  



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