Transportation Administrators of Arizona

September 15, 2020

Student Transportation Colleagues,

First and most important I hope each of you are well and safe.  It is hard to believe we are into September and most of us are just about to return to in person learning, or have only recently done so.

If you have been a part of the student transportation industry for more than just one year, you know that the start of school year 2020 is different than any other.  This year we are experiencing many firsts!  This is definitely a time to embrace different, encourage flexibility, and place focus on that Transformational Change we learned about in June.  All of this while still staying true to our yellow school bus commitment of student safety, driving safety, and keeping a cohesive staff culture.   We are also navigating through the ever changing guidelines from District Leaders and the CDC.  Last but not least, we are setting standards for social distancing and masking up.  My friends, we definitely have our work cut out for us.  It is a good thing that each of you are dedicated, committed, and are great under the pressure of change and deadlines.  We do this every day!

As you bring back staff and students for in person learning this year remember to rely on your leaders, and colleagues.  We ARE stronger together.  While we did not come together for conference 2020 we as a TAA Board are collectively working to plan the next events with safety in mind.  We are here to assist you with anything you need.

Remember to use the TAA website and its resources for answers to industry questions, COVID 19 FAQ’s, and the forum board for feedback and dialogue on related topics. The most recent Transportation Leader’s Forum videos have been posted to YouTube. There is a lot of valuable information in these videos. Be sure to “like” and subscribe to the channel! Keep your eyes open for updates and information regarding mini conferences, and upcoming learning opportunities.

Most importantly, set a pace with your team that will sustain you through the challenges and allow you to celebrate the victories.  Place focus on the non-negotiables but don’t draw too many hard lines in this everchanging landscape.

I know you will all have great success as we bring students back to the bus by doing what we do best – Remember, they have likely missed us as much as we have missed them.

Best Wishes for an Excellent Start

Mike Ajeman, President
Jason Nelson, Past President
Shannon Weber, President Elect  



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